Winter Reflection



winterBoth the season of Winter and the Christian period of Lent are days that lend themselves to take time and space to communicate with the Holy One. God’s graciousness surrounds us and yet sometimes in our busyness and preoccupations it becomes difficult for us to notice or be nourished by it.


The word ‘space’ can evoke vast galaxies beyond our reach or understanding and it can also mean something as mundane as the place we park our vehicle. Often we hear persons say “I need space.”  For centuries Christians have built cathedrals in space as places to commune with the Holy One. Many individuals prefer quiet spaces for reflection and pondering.


According to Abraham Heschel our Jewish brothers and sisters create cathedrals in time by their observance of the Sabbath. Perhaps the shorter days of Winter are nature’s way of suggesting Sabbath time to us all. The cold and snow encourage a slower pace. Slowing down can allow us to be still so that we can be nourished and more prepared to respond to the challenges in our everyday lives.


Consider devoting some time and space during these days of Lent/ this season of Winter to ponder the graciousness of our God.


                                                                                                         Margaret Hoey