That All May Be One


Let us internationalize children, no matter where they are born,

by treating them as a world heritage deserving of the entire world's attention.


Cristovan Buarque


That All May Be One"More than 52,000 unaccompanied children — most from Central America — have entered the United States since last October seeking refuge from violence and oppressive poverty in their nations".  Though this quote is from a recent prayer service offered in Region 2 of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, few in our country today are not aware of the recent surge of refugees coming from south of our border.


These little ones are our brothers and sisters, our children, God's children without question. 


Each of us might ask ourselves "How can I better integrate into my heart, mind and soul the reality that all humans are one?".  How can I convert this belief into effective action on behalf of all the children newly arrived in the United State?


Veronica Blake


One helpful website is: