Summer, Time of Fullness

              Every day we are witnesses of the fullness of nature after the preparation of spring time.  The sunny days invite us to go out and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.  The song of the birds and the birth of little rabbits bring joy to our lives.  All nature speaks to us of God’s love through the beauty of creation.  This beauty strengthens us and makes us more conscious of God’s presence.  Our inner life is energized by this fullness of life and we are replenished by the wonderful transformation we see around us.



Why do you sing

though no one’s about?

Why do you chirp

your merry songs

even on your own?


It’s in my nature,

said the sparrow,

to sing when it’s time;

I just chirp when

it’s right.


Why do you bloom

though there are no eyes

to behold?

Why do you come to being

though there’s never

a chance of being seen?


It’s the way of life,

says the flower.

as it flows in me;

I just come to fullness

when it’s right.



                                                       Raj Arumugam

                                                       (with the permission of the Author)

Martha de la Torre