Summer – Gift of Growth:     Summertime



In summertime the gifts of increased light and warmth are very apparent. Because of that growth in nature is abundant and we feel renewed as we drink in the beauty of it all.


Internally when we are gifted with the light of clarity and the warmth of love our hearts and minds grow in appreciation of others. External growth lends itself to being measurable while internal growth less so. On the other hand we can readily sense when a person has developed the ability to listen to another and responds with attentiveness, respect and compassion. These attitudes are cultivated and evident not only in personal relationships but also in responding to the broader global issues of justice, peace and the integrity of creation.


We may tend to identify growth with the youth – in people as well as plants and animals. Yet if one has the opportunity of walking through a forest, the woods – “old growth” abounds! Perhaps the days of our youthful growth have long since faded. But the Spirit of God within constantly invites us to growth.  Questions we may want to ponder during these summer days are:

  • As we mature are we more able to appreciate and celebrate the unique beauty and giftedness of others?
  • How do I do that concretely?
  • Are there new opportunities for me to consider now?


New energy from on high penetrates the Earth,

quickening the heart while sifting weeds of old growth.

Open wide your heart’s door!

Breathe in serenity; exhale peace and harmony.


Lumen Christi…Holy Wisdom by Nan C. Merrill

Continuum, 2002

Margaret Hoey