Creation-New Life


“Holy God, how wonderful you are, how striking and how beautiful. We catch but a glimpse of you in the glory of your creation.”

O Gracious One by Sydney Condray

Twenty-third Publications




Springtime facilitates connection with our Creator God. We watch the grass turn green, buds and leaves appear on bushes and trees and flowers bloom everywhere. Beauty nourishes our hearts and new life encourages and replenishes us. If we are able to be quiet within and take time to notice God’s handiwork the presence of the Creator is everywhere!


Perhaps this spring we will be able to notice our Creator in other persons.  The good deeds of others, their acts of kindness, and their commitment to work for justice have power to touch our hearts, minds and spirits and evoke our turning to the Holy One. We might ask ourselves if our speech and actions remind others of a loving Creator.



“The presence of God is indeed like a sun of infinite beauty which enlightens our minds, warms our hearts, strengthens our spirits, and produces joy and life for the growth of the kingdom of God within.”

Blessed Emilie d’Hooghvorst

Foundress, Sisters of Mary Reparatrix


By Martha de la Torre & Margaret Hoey