Spring 2016-2



Early Christian writers like Tertullian have given us an image of God that says God is like a plant with its root, shoot and fruit. God is deep within and at the same time reaches into our world and all creation bringing forth food and beauty to nourish us.

At this time of year when nature invites those of us in the Northern Hemisphere to see new life spring forth this image may speak to us.

For plants, vegetables and fruit to grow a great deal of care and tilling of the soil is necessary. The preparation is a combination of the work of human hands along with nature’s gifts of sun and water. So within our hearts and minds preparation and care must be given to be able to receive and share the gifts of God in our lives.

We might consider what kind of care and tilling of the soil do we feel invited to give our hearts and minds these days? We might also ask ourselves what kind of care are we invited to give to other persons as we relish and enjoy the new life that surrounds us in the beauty of springtime.



Oh God, you are aliveness itself.

You are aliveness

in all its mystery and majesty.

Your aliveness blazes forth,

like the summer sun.

You are the fructifying, sustaining source

of existence for every creature.


By your desire you create all things.

By your choice you sustain

all things in being.

from the outermost reaches

to the innermost depths.

Nothing exists outside of you.

O Gracious One, Psalm 29

                                                   Sydney Condray    (used with permission)




Margaret Hoey and Martha De La Torre