Peace be with you!


As we experience the months of Spring in the North we realize anew the wonders of this season. We watch with excitement the renewed growth as creation comes awake from the dormant time of winter.


In the Christian world we are celebrating Easter – the resurrection of Jesus Christ! One of the gifts of the Risen Jesus is peace. As we experience the newness of Spring I invite our readers to reflect on the meaning of peace. It is the absence of conflict, violence and war – but is it not more than that? Some would describe peace as a state where all is in harmony and freedom.


We appreciate harmony when listening to an orchestra and we also savor it when gazing a breath-taking horizon. Those can be as majestic as the Grand Canyon or as simple as a backyard garden. We can observe the freedom birds have in flight or dolphins in the seas. We treasure freedom when we are able to make well-reflected choices. To be in harmony and free internally speaks of our relationships with God-Creator and all creatures.


I believe that peace is more than a passive acceptance of a gift. To experience peace we need to be committed peace-makers. Communication experts tell us that we need to continuously learn to express our opinions/thoughts in a respectful, non-violent and clear manner and truly listen to those of others. Peace-making is built on compassion, cooperation, collaboration and consensus-making decisions.


While we pray together for international world peace we might ask ourselves about our own everyday peace-making skills.


Margaret Hoey