Glorious God


Crimson, orange, yellow, gold, deep purple bedazzle our eyes.  Burning wood, smoldering leaves, breezes and winds, the sound of crisp leaves, the tastes of apples, cider, squash, kale, and pumpkins fill our senses.

Glorious God 5



"Glory to you, Source of all being.  Glory to you!"


Earth in autumn, in all its seasons, and in every one of its creatures manifests the unseen Source.  Earth is a dazzling jewel set within an awe inspiriting Universe that shines forth the splendor of God in billions and billions of ways.


As each of us grows more and more into the fullness of our humanity, our capacity to notice these manifestations is enhanced, broadened, deepened. We cannot but bow before Mystery.


Our voices ring out in wonder and praise across all the world.


"Glory to you, Source of all being.  Glory!"


Veronica Blake