Blessings of Springtime



We offer for reflection the following poem of Rilke.


Threshold of Spring

Harshness gone. All at once caring spreads over

the naked gray of the meadows.

Tiny rivulets sing in different voices.

A softness, as if from everywhere,

is touching the earth.

Paths appear across the land and beckon.                           

Surprise once again you sense

its coming in the empty tree.        

                         Rainer Maria Rilke

           April 4th  A Year with Rilke      



Winter holds a unique beauty but we know also the harshness of nature in bitter cold, strong wind, ice storms and raging seas. In this part of the world springtime has come now and is welcome indeed! We experience softness in the flower petals of a hydrangea, hyacinth, pansy or lilac. Unique beauty speaks to us in the vulnerable first daffodil of spring or the gentle soft hue of trees that are hinting of green once again.


May the beauty of springtime enrich us and touch the harsh edges within. May it strengthen the softness of caring, tenderness, attentiveness and compassion - and allow us to consider how we might share these gifts with others. 


As we experience both softness and harshness in nature we may be more sensitive in noticing harshness or softness/caring in our thoughts and actions. It could be there is an invitation for us from our gracious Creator God. Caring and compassion spread beauty everywhere.

Margaret Hoey