Appearances & Manifestations


The scripture readings during the Season of Easter draw word pictures of the Risen Christ's appearances, twelve in all. 


Matthew 28 tells us that two Mary's quickly fled the empty tomb full of fear and joy only to be met by Christ who was on his way to Galilee.  In Luke 24 we find the wonderful story of two disciples who met Jesus on the road as they were walking to Emmaus.  John tells us several stories of meetings between Jesus and his disciples. A distraught Mary Magdalene turns around and almost bumps into him in the cemetery garden.  In the midst of a closed room where frightened disciples had gathered in fear, all of a sudden there was Jesus in their midst.  And then, there is the lovely story about fishermen-apostles rushing to the shore of Lake of Tiberius to find Jesus roasting fish for them on a charcoal fire!  Other accounts tell us that Jesus appeared to five hundred at a time, as well as to James alone. 


Jesus appeared in all sorts of places in those early post-resurrection days.


Appearances & ManifestationsIn 1916, Teilhard de Chardin wrote, “Christ has a cosmic body that extends throughout the universe.”  In our time, rich and diverse theologies are filling a deep treasure box in which we can discover gems that have the power to enhance our belief in and understanding of Jesus Christ incarnate, crucified, risen, and cosmic. 


As Ronald Rolheiser, OMI ( has recently written, "The fact that Christ is cosmic and that nature is shaped in his likeness means too that God’s face is manifest everywhere."  The cosmic Christ is manifest today along roads, in gardens, behind closed doors, at the sea shore and everywhere and in everyone and everything within the cosmos.  Let us seek him, wait for him, encounter him.




Veronica Blake