"Subtle changes in the slant of light. Night's small, inexorable inroads into day.  A gradual crisping of the air, mind and body...equinox came."

Elizabeth Ayres

Invitation to Wonder: A Journey through the Seasons

Yes, equinox has come.  Autumn 2012 is here.  Shorter days, longer nights. Perhaps more solitary time, more inclination to settle in, to imagine, to dream, to pray. 

How often in the New Testament we find Jesus going off to a quiet place apart.  How often do we find ourselves doing the same? 

Let us learn this autumn to withdraw from visible activity from time to time so that we may grow more vibrant within, be more able to "leaf out" and manifest God within this glorious Universe. 

As Ayres says, "Trees have new leaves inside of them somewhere" in fall and winter.  So do we!