When winter snows cover the land, when they cover highways and roads and paint our neighborhoods in stark and beautiful white we begin to pay special attention to pathways.  We want our way to be clear.  We pay attention; we notice a bit more than usual. 

In Night Visions: searching the shadows of advent and christmas author, Jan L. Richardson, offers some questions that can bring attention to other walkways, the walkways of our lives.  She asks, "What is the way that is being prepared within the wilderness of my life?  What does it mean for my own life to become a path, a way of welcome for the Holy One?"  Jan invites the life-walker to wonder about the time given to considering  our own personal journey and who it is who accompanies us along the way.

sunrise path

Winter time invites such contemplation.  If we are fortunate enough to enjoy the darkness and have the means to settle into it securely with warmth enough for comfort,  winter can bless us with quiet and peace.  It can gather us into ourselves, into presence to the Holy One.  In that Presence, Light can suffuse the darkness and illumine our pathways urging us on where we otherwise might not go.

Perhaps this winter season, exploration of the pathways of your life might become a regular part of your life, as much a part as walking the driveway to your car or walking the city streets to bus or subway in the crisp coldness of winter under blue skies.