Unable to sleep, preoccupied with tasks to be done, I woke up very early on a Saturday morning.  As I opened the door to the front porch, birds were singing.  Once the espresso pot perked, I went out with my cup to sit on the wooden porch bench.  The morning air was cooled by a gentle breeze. 

As I sat there in the quiet before dawn, bird song, a gentle breeze, and evergreen perfume became my prayer.  A brief shower was like a blessing upon the waking Earth.  Silva, our outdoor cat, sat opposite me on a wood pile. 

On the west side of the porch a crabapple is forming fruit along with another on the north side.  A dogwood, also on the north side, is covered with radiant white blooms alongside another whose blooms faded sometime ago.  Near that is a ginkgo, a prehistoric creature  whose presence is a consoling reminder that the long ago past is still with us.  Beyond the evergreens across the driveway, a couple blocks to the east, the river flows fresh from the lake.

This morning I was graced to join other members of Earth community in worship and praise of our common Creator.  No words were needed only being.