May God be all in your life

                 and your life be all for Him.

                                            Emilie d’Oultremont d’Hooghvorst



 This is what Yahweh asks of you: only this,

                               to act justly,

                                  to love tenderly and

                                     to walk humbly with your God.

                                                                                                 Micah 6:8


Garden Reflection


Creation, we are taught, is not an act that happened once upon a time, once and forever. The act of bringing the world into existence is a continuous process. God called the world into being, and that call goes on. There is the present moment because God is present. Every instant is an act of creation. A moment is not a terminal but a flash, a signal of Beginning.

                                                                                     Abraham Heschel


Creation draws us into the very life of the Creator.

                                        Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy

                                                    Vatican Council II