Very often justice and peace topics are concerned with issues involving human beings.  This article is about some of the other lovely creatures who also inhabit our planet.


We see in the story of Genesis that God’s care and love extended to all creatures not just humans.  The Jewish Scriptures make reference often to God’s love of all creation.  Jesus continued this same theme of love of all creation as indicated in the gospel of Mark 16:15.  “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.”  Mark did not say every human being but “every creature.”


So we have a responsibility to care for all of God’s creation and creatures.  There are numerous groups worldwide who do this as their main objective.  Caring for our own companion animals can be a very concrete way of showing God’s love.


Another concrete step we can take, if we own our homes, is being attentive to vent pipes extending from the roofs of our homes.  Every year uncapped, vertical metal and plastic pipes protruding out of homes and factories cause the death of millions of birds, reptiles and mammals.  These pipes are used to vent plumbing, exhaust for furnaces, and other commercial or residential uses.  In winter time these death traps appeal to birds looking for a warm place to next.


Capping unnecessary pipes sticking up out of our roofs is one way to help.  Another way is covering necessary pipes (like plumbing vent pipes) with some type of mesh hardware cloth.


Problems with these pipes remain relatively unknown. There are simple solutions to a growing problem which causes thousands of deaths each year to birds, reptiles and mammals.  We can make a difference and at a very small financial cost.  We co-exist on this planet and doing what we can to help all creatures live a safe and healthy life promotes the integrity of all creation. 


Ann Kasparek

Uncapped vent pipe                                     Metal Roof Vent Cap