Human Trafficking Part III

In previous articles (Part I and Part II) we touched on various aspects of human trafficking:

  1. What is it?
    The forced movement of human beings from one point to another.
  2. What is the purpose?
    Exploitation by means of prostitution, forced labor, slavery or servitude, the removal of organs.
  3. Who are the victims?
    Minors under 18 involved in commercial sex; those 18 and older coerced into commercial sex; and children and adults used in forced labor/servitude

Prior to the Super Bowl 2012, 200 managers/staff of different hotels, in Indianapolis, Indiana, were contacted about the issue of human trafficking taking place in or near their facilities.  7 hotels requested help in setting up training sessions for their employees to recognize trafficking.  45 hotels had done training or planned to do training prior to the Super Bowl.  99 hotels requested and received information about local/national resources in human trafficking.  These hotel chains are to be praised for their concern and pro-active response to ending human trafficking.

For the upcoming Olympics in London, 63 Olympic sponsors will be contacted regarding how and what to do to prevent the trafficking of human beings and especially, again, how hotels can recognize the signs of human trafficking.

Where can victims of trafficking be found?  Many are forced into the commercial sex industries.  Other places they can be found are as domestic servants, sweatshops, construction, farming, landscaping, hotels, janitorial services, restaurant services to name just a few.

What can you do to help?

  1. Learn and be informed
  2. Talk with friends, family members, colleagues about this issue facing our world today.  It is not an easy topic to discuss.
  3. Call elected representatives asking them to support various types of anti-trafficking legislation.
  4. If you suspect a person is the victim of human trafficking:
    - Call 911
    - Call National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888
    - Call your local law enforcement agency

“Slavery, prostitution, the selling of women and children, and disgraceful working conditions…all of these poison human society, doing harm to both those afflicted by them and those perpetrating them.  They are, in short, a supreme dishonor to the Creator God.”

Church in the Modern World-Vatican II

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