Workshop – Loss and Grief


For those of us living in parts of the world where this is autumn there is an invitation to reflect on “letting go”. Not only are our hours of daylight shortened but the flowers in our gardens have disappeared. Even the autumn brilliant reds and yellows on the trees are changing before our eyes and soon those branches will be left bare.

Earlier in the year we, sisters of United States, had a wonderful opportunity to reflect on loss and grief. Renee Wilson facilitated a wonderful workshop for us. Rene has done grief work professionally and is a trained social worker. Her skill and sensitivity were a felt gift to us during the workshop and were very much appreciated. 


Loss is a universal experience and yet many of us are not taught how to embrace loss. When confronted with a loss do we not often hear “get over it” instead of being encouraged to name the loss, be with it, learn to accept and embrace it. Once we do that we can also consider how to nurture ourselves in the loss and plan for the future.

We each carry our known past losses within ourselves along with the unrecognized losses as well. Unresolved grief from the past can easily creep into our present experiences.  A blessing of the workshop was to have content presented along with time allowed for reflection and sharing. Particularly helpful was to consider anticipatory losses we carry in our hearts. The feelings evoked by knowing in a clouded way that something will happen need to be acknowledged and accepted as well.

Loss is such a universal experience. This topic invites us to remember one another with compassion and support one another by loving thoughts and actions as we are confronted with experiences of individual and communal losses.


Margaret Hoey