Weaving Together Our SMR Future


Weaving is a complex, detailed, creative activity. First you need a loom on which you have to string a set of parallel threads, called the warp, keeping them evenly taut. You also need a shuttle for holding the weft thread, and a shed stick to be able to lift some warp threads and lower others so that the shuttle can go through according to your design. After each pass of the shuttle you have to beat down the weft with a tapestry comb so that it forms a straight line across the loom. And so after hours of enjoyment and frustration a creative work comes to life!

Weaving 1

Such was our experience during the year and a half of preparation which culminated in the International Gathering of 35 sisters from 18 different countries from Sunday, September 25 to Friday, September 30.

The design, created by our Region members in conversation and prayer, was sketched by the Region Team, the warp was set and strengthened by all of us working together. The beautiful threads of many colors were brought from different areas of our planet. Then we set ourWeaving 2   weaving down so we, the weavers, could soak in the wisdom of the two presenters.

Mary Hughes, OP shared with us the reality of many USAcongregations, which in their new ways of living into the future are finding mutual support. We had an opportunity to explore the tool box found on the Resource Center for Religious Institutes which offers a great variety of articles and other aides to consider and use as we, across the world, face a new future.

Sandra Schneiders, IHM, with her passion and enthusiasm for Biblical studies, re-invigorated our commitment to the vow of poverty. Her words were in line with our recent congregational study and sharings on kenosis. Oh, yes, we want to be contributors in creating an alternate world based on gift economy and possessionlessness!

Weaving 3


We wish all our sisters could have been here, maybe they were... in our songs and dances, in the Liturgical celebrations, in the joy of cruising the Detroit River Tuesday evening. The deep silence preceding contemplative dialogue certainly made room for every SMR, no need for translations there, no need for extra beds.

Concepcion González Cánovas, smr

October 7, 2016