Summer News 2015

We, the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix in United States had a wonderful beginning of summer this year. On June 22 all four women of our Congregational Leadership Team came to visit us in the United States. While these women currently have our Motherhouse in Rome as both their home and place of work, they each come from different countries. Aurora was born in Mexico, Tomasa in Spain, Marguerite in France and Antonett in Kenya and none of them had ever been to the United States.


We were very pleased with their visit. Not only did the sisters have a chance to see and visit most of the places where our sisters live and minister but there was opportunity for good conversations with them. Both at the beginning and the end of their time in United States many of our USA sisters were able to gather with them in Riverview, Michigan. It was a blessing indeed to be able to speak together about the questions we share as Women Religious at this time in the Church. There was time as well to pray, reflect and talk with them about the specific challenges that we face here in the United States. We all know that conversation is the manner we humans think together – to listen to others and to feel really heard are precious gifts. We felt very blessed by the experience.


Besides the praying and reflecting there was time for celebration too. We were pleased that our visiting sisters were able to celebrate July 4th with our sisters in New York! In the short time the visiting sisters were here they became very aware of the geographic distances within our country along with the diversity that is ours.  We are grateful for their service to our congregation and we were enriched by their presence here with us during these days.

Margaret Hoey





(Left to Right:  Marguerite Convert, Aurora Torres, Tomasa Gomez, Antonett Chebet)


Summer News