Blood Shed In This War book cover image

Civil War Illustrations by Captain Adolph Metzner, 32nd Indiana
Michael A. Peake

If you follow book reviews, you will have noticed a certain amount of interest in events, characters, reenactments, even romances of the Civil War period. This book, a unique addition to that literature, is thanks to the research of Michael A. Peake, a resident of Corydon, Indiana, an author and historian specializing in Indiana German genealogy as related to the American Civil War. Credit is also due to my brother Burns and his wife JoAnne for having preserved all these works.

Captain Adolph Metzner, my great grandfather, could perhaps be described as an embedded artistic journalist with the 32nd Indiana Regiment (during the American Civil War.) With pen and ink and colors from barks and plants he found he sketched and painted the characters and the battle scenes in his daily life.

Contributed by great granddaughter of Capt. Adolph Metzner, Sr. Justine Apfeld, SMR
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Sr. Justine, SMR viewing illustrations in book
Sr. Justine, SMR viewing
the illustrations in the book