USA General Chapter Delegates and New Home Page Look


Our readers will notice that we have a new home page on this website. In fact there are two which appear randomly. One is from a silk screening created by our Sister Joan Pricoli and the other is from an oil painting of our Sister Bertha Fox. While the two are different we feel they each reflect the dynamism of our charism of Reparation that is “to manifest God’s tender love”.

USA General Chapter Delegates and Website Home Page Look

Our second news item is that this month our sisters are participating in our Congregational General Chapter. Representatives of the twenty-one countries where more than 600 Sisters of Mary Reparatrix live and minister are gathered in Loyola, Spain for this event. Together the sisters will discern Congregational priorities for the coming six years as well as to elect women to serve in Congregation leadership roles. Two sisters from United States, Veronica Blake and Gerry McCullagh are among the participants. (photo: left, Gerry- right, Veronica)


Contemplating Jesus as presented in Luke 6:19 will be the focus for the gathering: “the whole crowd sought to touch Jesus because power came forth from him and healed them all.” Jesus allowed himself to be touched in every way by the suffering and misfortune of the people and contact with him had a foretaste of resurrection. The apostles, and we today like them, are called to do the same.

For more news about the daily events of our General Chapter go to  We trust you will join us in prayer that the Spirit will be present in this gathering. May the experience sustain us in living Reparation,  “it is all God’s work…be reconciled to God.” (2Cor 5:18-20)

Margaret Hoey