Autumn News


Region Leadership Team: When so many experience isolation while longing for inclusion and community, we Sisters of Mary Reparatrix in the United States formulated a government statute three years ago that facilitates a spirit of interdependence, cooperation and collaboration in our decision making processes. Integral to the statute is that three sisters share the Region Leadership role.


This past spring we had an evaluation of the statute and there was an overwhelming desire to continue. There was unanimous support of the three sisters who have fulfilled the Leadership roles and that has been confirmed by our Congregational Leadership. So this fall in September Veronica Blake, Judy Frasinetti and Ann Kasparek began a second three year term of service to the Region. We are grateful for their ongoing service to us.


Visit of Congregational Leadership: We are pleased to share with our readers that in June 2015 our entire Congregational Leadership will visit us in the United States. We look forward to the days especially since it will be a first visit to United States for all four of these women: Aurora Torres from Mexico, Marguerite Convert from France, Tomasa Gomez from Spain and Antonett Chebet from Kenya. It will be wonderful to share our lives and homes with them!


SMR News from Nairobi: Recently we heard from our sisters in Nairobi and learned that five young women began their novitiate on August 15. Two of these women are from Madagascar, one is from Kenya and two from Uganda. In addition to the five women who have just begun their novitiate, there are four other women who are now in their second year of novitiate. Please pray with and for these women – as well as other men and women all over the globe who continue to discern their life-call.


Margaret Hoey