April News


Blessings of peace as we live through these days of celebrating Easter and welcoming springtime to this part of the world!

Our readers may recall that the General Chapter of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix took place in 2013. General Chapters are intended to be times of renewal for congregational members and the invitation from this Chapter was a renewed focus on the “internationality” aspect of our congregation. A very concrete expression of this is a reorganization of the management of the congregational finances.

This is a daunting task given that our sisters live and minister in twenty-two different countries. Representatives from the various places will gather in Rome next month to consider implications of this reorganization. Sister Ann Kasparek and I will be going from the United States.  As one would surmise our needs vary greatly. In some places the education/formation of younger women is imperative while in other areas substantial funds are required for the care of elderly and infirm members. Psalm 105 speaks of ‘unity in diversity’ – may this be our experience!

We hope this will deepen the communion that exists among us as members of SMR, to appreciate our diversity and share in the joys, sufferings and concerns of one another. In this way we hope to grow in respect and compassion for all others and together mirror God’s tender love for the world.

Recently our congregational leadership appointed two sisters who in September will assume the responsibilities of congregational treasurer. These sisters are Stephanie Kokumanya of Uganda and Vielka Rivera of Panama. Sister Maria Luisa Antolin from Spain has served very faithfully and generously as Congregational Treasurer for many years. She will remain in Rome a good amount of time so as to mentor Vielka and Stephanie in their new responsibilities.

Margaret Hoey


Vielka                                Stephania 

               Vielka Rivera                                                              Stephanie Kokumanya