A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


We know that in 1911 when Arthur Brisbane was discussing journalism, he said “use a picture, It’s worth a thousand words.” That adage came to mind when we saw this photo!


Pope Francis-2014


Two of our sisters, Judy Frasinetti (center) and Gerry McCullagh (left) were invited to Italy this past May visiting with Judy’s relatives in Lucca. They spent delightful days and were able to find the birthplace of Judy’s great grandmother. 


After their time in Lucca our sisters spent another few days in Rome visiting our sisters in the motherhouse and visiting Rome! To their great surprise and joy they were invited to participate in a small group liturgy with Pope Francis in the Chapel of the Casa Santa Marta. Judy and Gerry said that the simplicity and reverence of the liturgy was both moving and memorable; the Pope encouraged them to manifest Christian love and joy in their daily lives. Following the liturgy all the  participants (about 40 persons) were able to greet and speak personally with Pope Francis so our sisters came back home to United States with  wonderful memories of their time in Rome and Lucca!

Margaret Hoey