2017-A Year of Transition


For the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix in the United States, 2017 was truly a year of transition.


Full Circle EcoHouse of PrayerFor many years, Sisters Concepcion Gonzalez and Veronica Blake have offered workshops, retreats and spiritual direction at their two locations on South Boulevard, Port Huron, Michigan.  In a desire to downsize, have a one-story house and be more centrally located in the city, the FullCircle Eco House of Prayer has moved to 2504 Colonial Lane, Port Huron. Though a smaller location the Sisters are continuing to offer workshops, retreat and spiritual direction.

Northway Avenue

At the end of September, 2017, the Sisters left their residence and retreat house on Grange Road, Riverview, Michigan.  The Sisters came to Riverview with the main purpose of providing a setting and care for their elderly and infirm Sisters.  Many of the Sisters have completed their earthly journeys there.  The Sisters have purchased a small home in Allen Park, Michigan and are continuing to offer retreat ministry, small faith sharing groups, and spiritual direction.  As time and energy allow, Sisters Margaret Hoey, Martha De La Torre and Ann Kasparek plan on being involved in other areas of justice ministry.Beautiful Cross Artwork


During this year 5 Sisters of Mary Reparatrix completed their earthly journeys.   


Sister Camille Szymanski was moved to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Health Care Center in Monroe, Michigan due to the sale of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix, Riverview residence and small health care facility. Sister Camille died after a very short time in the IHM facility.  Camille was a native Detroiter and served in several retreat houses of the Sisters in various states: Michigan, New York and Ohio.  Camille was 96 years of age.


Sister Justine Apfeld also moved to the IHM Health Care Center at the same time and also passed away shortly after arriving.  Sr. Justine was a native of Hamilton, Ohio and ministered in the various United States retreat houses, and also in Rome, Italy and Belgium.  In later years, she gave directed retreats and spiritual direction to many persons.  Justine loved the Sacred Scriptures and was very knowledgeable in them. Justine was 97.


Sister Bertha Penabad  was the third Sister to be moved to the IHM Health Care Center. Sister Bertha also died very soon after being move to the IHM facility. Sister Bertha was born in Cuba and served as a Sister of Mary Reparatrix in many different countries.  She was indeed a world traveler and a very gifted person, especially in languages.  Bertha was 95 when she died.


Sister Mary Rita Reckinger was a native of Dearborn, Michigan and entered the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix in Detroit.  Sister Mary Rita was a very gifted musician and ministered in the retreat centers of Detroit and Cincinnati.  Sister Mary Rita spent many of her years in religious life living in Florida where the climate was much warmer.  In Florida Mary Rita ministered to the needs of the elderly and the poor in the area of West Palm Beach.  Mary Rita was 87.


Sister Joan Pricoli  was born in the Bronx, New York and died very suddenly in December at the Sisters of Mercy, McAuley Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  Sr. Joan had spent the last 20 years serving the elderly and ill Sisters in the Riverview Health Care center.  Joan had a great passion for art and she had several shows displaying her art work.  Joan spent most of her religious life in the greater Detroit area serving in various locations.  Joan loved cooking and food.  She ministered to the poor and homeless over the years in various ways.  Until last year she went monthly to make sandwiches for the homeless and went out distributing them to the poor who walked the streets of Detroit.  Joan was 84.


                                                                                  Ann Kasparek, smr