East Greenbush, New York


On August 16, 1981, Sisters left the Mary Reparatrix retreat house in Manhatten, New York to take up residence in Holy Spirit parish, East Greenbush, New York.  East Greenbush was approximately 20 minutes from Latham, New York which is the provincial headquarters of the Sisters of St. Joseph.  Through a negotiated arrangement between the Sisters of St. Joseph and the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix the former agreed to care for approximately seven-eight elderly and infirmed Sisters of Mary Reparatrix.  Because of the distance from any other SMR communities, it was decided that a semi-retired SMR community would be established in East Greenbush.  One of the principal ministries of this community of sisters was the weekly visiting of the infirmed SMRs living at the health care facility of the Sisters of St. Joseph. 


Other ministries of the sisters living in Holy Spirit was visitation of the sick and elderly in the parish, teaching Holy Spirit school students, leading a weekly prayer group and being involved in the social concerns and parish council of Holy Spirit parish.


Because of the closing of the Cincinnati retreat house/community, the altar bread ministry which was housed in Cincinnati, was transferred to East Greenbush. This ministry was done for several years before being moved to first Yonkers, New York and then to Riverview, Michigan.


The sisters remained in East Greenbush until 2000.  Over the years besides offering generous support and love to the many SMRs who lived and died at the provincial house of the Sisters of St. Joseph, the sisters provided loving service to so many in the area. The sisters were known for their willingness to help anyone anywhere. 


 As stated in the local newspaper, Times Union, on March 29, 2000 “It’s been easy to love the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix, who for 20 years have lived and worked in the Church of the Holy Spirit community, offering a warm brand of friendship, human and unconditional love.”  Because of the ages and health of the sisters regrettably it became necessary to close the East Greenbush community.


A close friend of the sisters in Holy Spirit summed up well the feelings of the parish community when she stated:  “They have been the soul of our parish and they have reached people in unique ways.  We probably only know about a quarter of what they have really done.  Their mercy, tenderness and gentle humility will not be soon forgotten.”


The Sisters joined other members of the SMR community living in New York and Michigan. Bringing the tender mercy of God to others will never be forgotten in the parish of Holy Spirit and town of East Greenbush, New York.


Ann Kasparek