Sisters of Mary Reparatrix to Minister in the Diocese of Dodge City, Kansas

Serving in two parishes, St. Dominic and St. Mary, four Sisters began a new community in Garden City, Kansas, on August 20, 1981. As part of a renewal process begun in 1980, the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix reaffirmed their congregation’s missionary spirit to respond to the needs of the Church in other parts of the United States where there were fewer priests and religious. As the pastor of St. Dominic’s parish stated: “The Church is missionary by nature, and by divine commisison. Throughout the Church there is a rekindling of that missionary spirit.”

The arrival of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix brought to five the number of congregations of religious rendering service in the Diocese of Dodge City. The Sisters areas of ministry included pastoral ministry, home visitation, spiritual direction, retreat work and ministry among the large Spanish-speaking population in Garden City.

For seven years the Sisters ministered to the people of St. Mary and St. Dominic parishes. As one parishioner expressed it so well: “Seven years ago your Sisters came here to minister. Most of us had never heard of your order until the Sisters came. Through the years we have been loved, helped, listened to, prayed for, taught and more. The Sisters, one by one, went through my mind-they have taken communion to the homes of the dying, ministered as lectors, communion ministers, taught in the schools, at their home, to our children preparing for marriage, bible study, retreats, mornings of relfections, RCIA and personal spiritual direction. The Sisters have opened their home to young and aging alike.”

Because  of a shortage of personnel the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix regretfully had to withdraw from their ministry in Garden City in 1988.  The Bishop of Dodge City, Stanley Schlarman, expressed well the collaboration experienced during the years the Sisters served:  “Only God can weigh all the spiritual good that has come about and will continue long into the future as a result of the Sisters being among us.  For this I am most grateful… I am lifted up in the awareness that our journey continues always together in the one Church we love and serve.”