The Power of Imagination


imaginationDuring summer time as a child, and maybe even as an adult, did you stretch out on the ground warm and free, look up at the clouds and see all sorts of interesting characters parading across the sky?  Or have you, like Albert Einstein asked yourself, "What would it be like to be...?"  Or perhaps you pray using your imagination to enter into an experience with Jesus applying all your senses to the scene as  Ignatius of Loyola taught us to do.


Is it possible that using our imagination might be an essential aspect of an ecologically conscious spirituality?  Would it make a difference to the health of our ecosystems if we asked, What would it be like to be...a goat, a frog, or maybe rock, tree, water, fish or...?


How often have we been invited to walk in another's moccasins?  Doing that really does give us a better understanding of what someone else is living; it enhances our sense of compassion. 

Perhaps asking "What would it be like to be..." might give us an insight into how we humans might live more sustain ably with and among all the others that also inhabit this glorious Earth.



When I was the stream, when I was the forest,

When I was still the field,

When I was every hoof, foot, fin and wing,

When I was the sky itself...

there was nothing I could not love.


Meister Eckhart





Veronica Blake