Thou wilt find something greater in the woods than in the books. The trees and rocks will teach thee what thou canst not hear from human teachers.

Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153)

Flowering Moments


Spring is in full bloom in the middle section of the United States in late May. It is a wonderful time to spend time with a blossom. Allow it to arrest you, stop you in your tracks...for a time, not just for a second but for a good long pause.



Does the blossom resemble the complexity of your life at this moment? Does your life feel full, many layered, with multiple branches or alternate directions leading you this way and that? Does the color of this crabapple relate to the color of life as you experience it now? If not, what color would best fit? Soon, these flowers will undergo a transformation. Petals will be lost and fall to the ground to nourish the good earth. Fruits, beautiful round fruits, will fill the tree offering themselves to many creatures for their life and health. Do you find similar changes happening in you life?


FlowersTurning slightly to the right, you notice a dogwood tree resplendent in whiteness. The simplicity of its form captures your attention. Perhaps this speaks more to you at this moment than the greater complexity of the crabapple blossom. As you gaze at it long and deep, what movements is your spirit experiencing? Desire, gratitude, envy, longing, communion?


It is said that friends of St. Ignatius of Loyola, "often saw how little things became the occasion for him to lift his spirit to God....Upon noticing a plant, a little herb, a leaf, a flower, some fruit when considering a small worm or some other little animal....he drew advice and teaching useful for instructing the spiritual life." Perhaps, this spring the same might be said of those who stop and really pay attention to life emerging in this glorious season of Earth life.

Veronica Blake