As the sun rose in muted shades of blue, orange and gold over the St. Clair River near its source in Lake Huron, I glanced through the local newspaper.  There I read, "Human disruption of the climate is the greatest threat ever to America's national parks.  Threads are being pulled out of the tapestry of these parks, and the parks are beginning to lose their luster."  The quote is from a report by the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization and the National Resources Defense Council.

It is summertime now, a time when parks are well used and deeply appreciated. In Michigan alone five parks had four million visitors in 2010.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Park, Michigan

 Climate change is global and is causing many and diverse changes within Earth's ecosystems.  These effects happening across the entire world manifest themselves locally.  They are happening where we are, where we live, where we recreate.

Perhaps this summer four million people and more will notice shoreline erosion, and decline of animal and plant species in the park places they love, places which nourish them body, mind and spirit.  Perhaps those millions and more from across the United States and the world will really see what is  happening around them this summer and be moved to live summer, fall, winter and spring in ways that sustain and enhance this magnificent planet Earth.  Perhaps summertime vision will lead to all year action, local and global, on behalf of Earth's living tapestry.  It can happen!  There is hope!