Those who manifest the tender love of God take risks to live and act in new ways that promote a world of peace, justice and respect for creation.

A “...theology of the Creator Spirit who creates, indwells, compassionately loves, and empowers the world on its great adventure has implications for all of theology. It especially under girds an ethic of responsible, assertive care for the Earth....If the Earth is indeed a sacrament of divine presence, a locus of divine compassion, and a bearer of divine promise, then its ongoing destruction through ecocide, biocide, genocide is a deeply sinful desecration. In the tradition of biblical prophecy and the spirit of Jesus, the response of people of faith needs to become prophetic and challenging, promoting care, protection and healing of the natural world even if these go counter to powerful economic and political interests---and they do. We need to use all the techniques of active nonviolent resistance to halt aggression against the vulnerable, be it ever so humble a species or ever so vast a system as the ozone layer. One stringent criterion must now measure the morality of our actions: whether or not these contribute to a sustainable life community on Earth.”

Quest for the Living God: Mapping Frontiers in the Theology of God;
Elizabeth A. Johnson; Continuum, NY; 2007