companionsCompanions, who come from a variety of faith traditions, are bound together by the desire to tenderly manifest God’s love for this good earth through lives of reparation and reconciliation. The group, based in Port Huron, Michigan, meets every four to six weeks. Their gatherings begin with 20 minutes of silent contemplation followed by a simple meal. Afterwards, during a time of abundant conversation, Companions talk about how they have lived reparation/reconciliation in the past weeks and explore possible actions for the future.companions2 During the last couple years, Companions have hosted three sessions called “Soulful Conversations” during which participants have the opportunity to talk about issues of the soul in a safe space. Since 2002, they have dedicated one or two Sundays a year to a five hour retreat.
On April 20th 2009, in a simple and moving ceremony in the garden of Full Circle EcoHouse of Prayer, Companions who were long-time group members made personal commitments to live a life of reparation.