A woman or man who is an Associate of Mary Reparatrix shares the values, goals and vision of the Congregation as well as the mutually supportive enrichment of relationships with both vowed and associate members. If, after a period of connection, it is discerned that the desire to be an Associate is authentic a commitment is made. This can be renewed annually or become permanent after some years. Associates in New York, Florida and Michigan manifest the area in which they live, and the diversity of their membership.

The Associates have a long history in our congregation.  In 1877, just twenty years after the founding of Mary Reparatrix, a group of women in Parish were moved to participate in the “works of Reparation in the manner of Mary”. The first group in the United States was formed in New York City in 1914; the Association was rediscovered and revitalized in 1985. At this moment it is experiencing yet another transformation!